Tis the season... come on now

This morning, I heard that another friend is taking her mother in for a biospy today. I am kinda shocked. She is a much older young lady and she is one of the nicest people that you can meet. Also found out that the same friends husband just got laid off of work and his last day will be Friday. He has 4 kids and goes all out for Christmas. This economy is not helping anything. UGH, i hope that things change but I also hope that they change for the better. I can't really think right now... whew!

Made the best Orange Chicken last night, got it from Costco. Had some rice and eggrolls. brought some today for lunch with some broccoli also yummie.


  1. I also hope that the economy change for the better. But I feel that we all need to make little change to help. I am so sorry to hear that about your friends. And thank you for comeing to me blog!

  2. Anonymous12/03/2008

    I hope your friend's mom is okay. And good luck to her husband.

    My company laid me off for 6 weeks back in Feburary, called me back for a few months, laid me off late June, FINALLY severed me completley in November. LOL. NO I DO NOT miss playing with the butane!

    I am glad Bryant is feeling better. Hope all is well there!

    Take care,