I am so glad I have my blog

AS I am crusading my way to 40, I try not to think of getting older. I have way too many tell tale signs, more gray to cover when dyeing the hair, more aches and pains and some other signs that I could not place until this week.

WELCOME MENOPAUSE into my life. I have all of the tell tale signs and it is here. I was out last night and when I went to the bathroom I had a hot flash so bad that I was nauseated for over an hour and just went home. That is unusual for me, going home that is. I can only imagine what this new predicament is going to bring to my crusade, but I hope that it is not going to stop me much, but now I know why I have been so so sooooo moody to other people like they are morons LOL. I apologize!

Hormones? Ice pack?? St Johns Wort??? Help???

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