I was reading another blog

I was really I swear!

But I have to mention one thing first... Yes this is my coming of age blog, but I do not do wild and crazy things on an every day basis so I have to fill the emptiness of the blog with other interesting things that I know my readers will read.

Hence -

I was reading a blogging friend that has something in her attic with claws made me think of this...

We were living in San Diego at the time, near Mission Trails Preserve. Hence the word preserve so we all know that preserve means, mice, bats, snakes and all sorts of other things that are allowed to grow and mulitply on this preserve. We lived in a bottom floor apartment, and it was really nice, 2 bedroom 2 bath, great neighbors, tennis court, pool and hot tub. With all of these great things to do we found ourselves at home one Friday night, watching television when all of a sudden something moved out of the corner of my eye. Holy crap batman I was up on the couch in record time, while trying to tell Brian what I saw. Of course with my hyperventalating, tears, near screams and acrobatic antics he thought I wanted to have sex. Just kidding. He calmed me down and went patroling in the kitchen while I stayed in the living room waiting for the "thing" to jump out right in front of my face. He looked and looked, saw a hole behind the stove, determined that the "thing" crawled back into the hole and out into the night. He had me convinced so we then went to bed. Next day was Saturday and we were outside washing the cars, when Bryant comes running out of the house in a long tshirt screaming that there was a mouse in the house. He also stated that the mouse ran under the couch. Once we got back into the house, Brian hands me a tennis racket, yes a tennis racket and proceeds to tell... no wait convince me that when he lifts up the couch and the mouse runs out I am going to deck the mouse over the head with a tennis racket. He seems to forget that I am a girl and afraid of things smaller and faster than me. I agreed with him at the moment and stood poised at the other end of the couch ready to smear the rodents head into my carpet. That is when I realized that I was going to kill a mouse.. oh hell no, as soon as the couch moved I ran into the bedroom and the mouse once again got away. But when we looked under the couch we saw that there was 3 trail mix bars (the soft ones) under the couch and have been eating, which means that the mouse has been feasting on granola bars from our cupboard and dragged them over to underneath the couch so no one would see and the son would get blamed for eating too much. We cleaned up all of that and then went to sleep only to wake up to a rustling in the kicthen. We go to the noise, and I make Brian prove to be the husband that I married and be stronger and go first into the dark kitchen. He opened up the cupboard and all of a sudden (think squrriel in Christmas Vacation) a flying mouse came straight for his face. I was laughing so hard that I was useless so the mouse once again escaped from our grasp.

The next day we called the management and had them deal with the little booger. Come to find out when it was caught, it was not a field mouse but a feed mouse, someone had bought him probably and then it either got away or someone let him go. I hoped that he didn't have any friends hanging around, but that is another story.


  1. Great story!
    glad I found you--I didn't realize you had 2 blogs

  2. Some body's pet was probably starving after that mouse got away!