Sunny San Diego

I didn't know how much I missed this place until I arrived on Saturday and went outside the airport while I was waiting my luggage. OMG the sun on my face was the most magnificent feeling in the world, and yes this includes sex and seeing your child for the first time. The warmth on my face made me feel myself again, and through the next 24 hours all unpleasant feelings have disappeared and I am happy. I have not wanted to stay in the hotel room and be lazy. This morning I took what I thought was going to be a short walk to take pictures at Torrey Pines State Reserve and I wound up walking all the way down to the beach. It was amazing. I walked all together today about 3.5 miles, yes I was wearing my pedometer. I want to be concious of my exercise while I am on vacation so that I can eat a bit of what I want, rolled tacos, hot dogs from weinerschnitzel, a bagel with garlic, bacon and basil spread (Only in Ocean Beach) carne asada burrito's and whatever else I feel like eating. I have also been drinking my water so yea me!!

I havent though told you how sore I am already. I feel like I have just played 2 rounds of golf. I sat down for about 30 minutes with a friend and I basically told her, well if you want me to drive to Old Town we need to leave now because I am starting to stiffen up. Hello I am not a sexual part of a man's body, I do not stiffen up. UGH!!!

OMG I cannot believe that the Cardnials just lost...

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