Weekend Adventure report

I am sure you all are dying to hear how my friday night dinner went with the blogging girls. It was amazing, and once things were comfy and cozy I was so proud of myself for going and I was happy to be around others.
I got to the restaurant on time, only getting lost once and immediately recognized one of the gals from her picture on her blog. I went up to her and said hey there, then I stood there contemplating my escape and wondering if I made the wrong decision. I was feeling a bit ackward, standing there waiting for the light to signal our table to be ready. I looked down at my palms making sure that they weren't all sweaty. I looked around the waiting room, and wondered if I should go hide in the bathroom until the place closed LOL. I remembered thinking the same thing when I was out on blind dates when I was single, ,there was always that period of time of flight or fight. I never flew the coop but there were times that after I met the guy I wanted to disappear into the night, never to return again. I just kept repeating to myself, I will be fine, no one has ever died of embarrassment LOL
I really wanted a drink to relax but I just kept telling myself I was being foolish and to grow a pair and suck up! We got our table and the rest of the girls showed up and it was great after that. It was a night full of conversation and really good food! I had the crab wontons, and crispy honey shrimp, then a dessert that was gross and I wont get again.
I got lost on the way home, wound up driving in a bad area of town, I was just guessing this since there was many stoplights nad no one was on the roads. LOL so I rolled up the windows and sung my heart out while trying not to freak out about how lost I was! I found the highway/freeway, after 5 years I still do not know what to call the highways out here! I got home, and put my jammies on and relaxed while watching the tele.

I cannot wait to do it again!!!!

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