Of course

The first day that I am supposed to go to the gym and have a small workout, I start my cycle and right now I am dying. I thought that this was supposed to get better as you get older. Now, I have no idea that it is coming, with the exception of me screaming that I know what bra cup I am and that no one else can mess with me. Never mind, I guess you had to be there. LOL. Then I have no idea how long it is going to last, last time it lasted 2 days, time before that it was 2 weeks late and lasted two weeks. The time before that I think I had the entire thing in a 12 hour period and that had me scared, but come to find out that I am not dying, just beginning signs of pre menopause and holy shit chick you need to lose some weight or your ass is going to be in trouble. No, the doctor did not say that but she was writing it down, I peeked in the folder while I was getting dressed.

So the screaming about bras was Friday night, then Saturday night after spending the day eating a bag, yes a bag of minature snickers bars, and a few jelly beans along the way, I went to play pool and boy I needed to pull my head out of my butt for that one. But I was home early and went to bed early. I can only imagine how I would have been feeling yesterday if I was hungover! OMG.

So I will go to the gym tomorrow. I did good though, I just went to CVS and did not buy chocolate! yea me!

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  1. Good job not buying the chocolate!

    And good luck with the workout!