A Sign Perhaps...

That I watch too much television.
Last night when I could not go to sleep till 330 this morning, I would walk downstairs and freak myself out when I would go into the kitchen, my blinds were open and I have no drape for above the kitchen sink. I have been watching paranormal states and some haunting in connecticuit on ID (Investigative Discovery channel) and I would start thinking to myself that this was dead time, and I should be careful. I was totally freaking myself out to where I would not turn the television off in the bedroom. I made sure that I wasn't thinking about it and I would totally ignore the fact that when I walked past my windows I could not see anything out there. I went downstairs many times too, to get water, to try laying on the couch, to get more water, to see if I could eat something before I took the strong drugs. All that time, I would be thinking, "OMG its dead time" no more scary shows.

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