Age old procrastination

Oh how do I love my house. The same house that as of right now, I have things piled everywhere. I have to be careful right now or it really is going to send me over the edge. I used to take medication for this. When I would get stressed out over the mess, I would throw EVERYTHING away. I'm serious. I do not have any remnants of Bryant's childhood, pictures, special art work or clothing. I have things now from his childhood only because my mother finally deemed it safe to give it to me. Everything in the house has a place for it and the place never moves and when I have extra stuff in the house with no place to put it.. I start going cookoo. BRB my black sheep I just adopted baa'ed. (*ADOLAB) Since the baskets that I am doing do not have a place in the house, and have been on my kitchen counter, I had to find a safe place for them before the structural integrity of the basket became a problem from when I would seend it flying through the air. That safe place is in my laundry closet. The doors are closed, so I cannot see them, but I know that they are in there, creating havoc for the next time I do laundry... I dont think that I will open them until friday... good idea.

Remember when I said that I over obligated myself by agreeing to do everything? Well I finally finished the Queen can that I did for a friend. That is also in the closet. I cannot look at it. I think that is why I sit in front of the computer, so I cannot see it, but the entire time, I am shaking my legs and I am getting a hot sweat. Gawd I am crazy! I am just waiting for my strawberries to harvest so I can make some money on my farm.

So let me go clean now...

*Attention Defict Oh Look A Bunny

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