All of my hard work has paid off

Well it was an amazing day. The morning started off a bit humid and it seems like the clouds were going to release some rain at any moment. I said many prayers and I was a bit doubtful that they were going to be answered. I got to the Moose and started setting everything up, we must have rearranged the baskets a million times since a few baskets came at the last minute and we needed to make room for them. the set up was complete and everyone was helping at the last minute. Once it got underway there was tons of food, huge hotdogs, and plenty of great songs. I was manning the booth for the tickets and they were going fast, I thought that I might have to go get more tickets but that was not the case. A friend of mine spent two days putting flyers on cars before the event and it was quiet funny because each time he did, it would rain. He even said if only one person came then he was happy. The one person who came was Mark Sickles, and he was a great guy, introduced himself and stayed for lunch. The day seemed to go by so fast and at the end I was exhausted! So many people came out and helped and let me tell you, if you have good raffles baskets people will spend money! I am hoping that people don't think that they were rigged cuz all of my friends won baskets. it was funny, like we were keeping it in the family. LOL. After all of the fun and the sun set, the sky opened up and rained huge drops all over.

When the picnic was over and we were cleaning up, I noticed a huge Monarch butterfly near the DJ, and it was dancing around, fluttering its wings so someone would notice it was there. I looked for Brian or Jo, so that they could see also. It stayed for a minute or so, then it had to go. Grams had a special love for butterflies, and I believe she also came to visit.

Now I am resting on the couch catching up on my reading, writing thank you notes, and looking over my school work... nah I'm not busy LOL

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