I did absolutely nothing, but I know when I am finished writing this it will amount to more than I thought.

I went out last night, drinking and playing pool it was a blast and we had fun. I got a ride home, and went right to sleep, well that was after I started drunk typing friends LOL. Got up this morning with a massive headache, took some advil crashed for another hour and then went to work. It was steady today so I am glad it was keeping me busy. Traffic getting down there was a mess and I was upset that I was stuck in it. Drove home in traffic also, stopped at bloom and got food for the next couple of days, then proceeded home, only to get stuck on Beulah and telegraph, waiting for the president to come out of Ft Belvior from his golfing expedition. This has happened more than once, and I am all for promoting exercise and fitness and being outside in the extreme heat, but come on, do it on someone elses dime. Went home immediately put on jammies, took a nap, made the best sammich and cleaned the house, watched tv and typing here. Gosh this is a boring post, I should go...

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