I have been playing golf this summer as I do every summer. Usually I thought of it as a chore, something to do because everyone else was doing it, or so I could spend time with Brian. This summer is different. I am doing it for myself. I love being outside, and the friends that I have golfing are nice to be around. When we all drove down to Chenvalee I actually kept score and Saturday was the best golf I have ever shot consistently. I shot a 117. Yea, I know that is not good for everyone but for me that was awesome. It's a starting point. One thing I like about spports is that there is always a finish line that is easy to find. I dont have to struggle for days to complete something and I feel so accomplished when it is finshed. I feel that even though I didn't come in first or second, I was outside, relaxing, spending time with friends so that in itself is a hurdle that I have overcome. I have a few more golf tournaments, so I am hoping to do even better. I will keep you posted!

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