Its so hot in here!

What happened to the nice calm summer weather that we have been having? Well, hate to break it to you but it is gone and the dog days of summer are here. You will find me laying on my kitchen floor licking ice cubes. And in case you forget next month how hot it really was, your utility bill will remind you plenty. I need to start collecting cans now, while I am walking in the dark in my house!

Update on the cats if you are interested. They are finally sleeping at night, instead of tearing apart the house. They are becoming less clumsy, so when Calvin jumps on top of my tv in the middle of the night, nothing comes crashing down. They have a schedule, They sleep most of the night, up at 5am, eat and poop. Then when I get up at 630 one of them hops in the bed to make sure that I am awake. I think that they are realizing that when the alarm goes off that means that the human comes downstairs, makes coffee and gives us wet food LOL.

Then they play like holy terrors until about 1030, then they go and take a nap for a few hours. I have learned not to wake them up and tell them how cute they are when they are sleeping, cuz then they think it is time to go and play with the human. After their morning nap, it is time for acrobatics, from one couch to the other, they jump, then they hunt for the mouseys in the house, and plop them at my feet so I play with them. We play for awhile, then more poop and eating ensues. Then they chill out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. Interesting huh? They are getting big, Tao still thinks that she can nurse on Calvin, and I try to get her to stop doing that. But he gets so mad at her and he will push her away time and time again. Here is a picture!

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