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While everyone is getting ready for school and going on last minute vacations I am here, planning out my picnic, and making sure everything is perfect. I have printed out everything that needs to be printed out. I am going to have an information table with donation forms on it, pamphlets on self breast exams, and also some tidbits about where the money is going that I am raising. I just thought of that while I was typing this out. Go ME!
I think that I have enough of everything for the picnic, I am sure that I will well exceed what I need to raise for my walk. Since this was the first time that I have done a fundraiser of this magnitude, I am writing everything down so that I don't forget for next year.
Bryant has gotten an awesome job now, he is working at one of the local spirit stores that they open up for the Halloween season. He is of course a teenager boy. One who likes to go around the house, or the moose and scare already old people into another inch of their grave. I fear for one lady, Dot, who cooks at the Lodge, she is the bestest person ever, and Bryant will just torment her and scare her, adn I tell him one of these days you are going to give her a heart attack. Dot just hits him over the head with a pizza pan and sends him on his way. who knows I might be adding a few extra months to her life. He likes to tip toe around the house and then just say "HEY" really loud and whatever I was working on is now all over the floor while I am trying to pry myself off of the ceiling. Now I doubt that he will be able to do that to the customers at the store, but can you imagine the discipline and hindsight he is going to need in order NOT to scare people half out of their minds? That in itself is great. He will also, I am sure, bring home masks and try to scare the bejesus out of me or anyone for that matter. I can see him outfitted like Jason (Friday the 13th) with a chainsaw walking through the parking lot of the moose, just to see the reaction he gets from people. He is like that. I am glad I raised an annoying little shit who likes to be the funniest person in the crowd. This is good though, that he is so outgowing, since I was so quiet as a child.

I am hoping to get a discount at the store. I need a new coffin for the front yard.

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