And how far am I walking

Yes I know another post about walking, so if you are tired of reading it... after this one don't read any more.

My spouse has been more than gracious in picking me up the morning of my walk, picking up two of my very bestest walking friends, and taking us to the stadium. He has also asked if he can come to the closing ceremony with a million of my awesomest friends who are going to cheer for me and have a screwdriver waiting for me at the finish line! So I was talking to the mouse spouse tonight and he was complaining about where to find parking, I gave him many solutions, and he piped up, well Bob said that he thinks it would be a good idea just to take the metro back and forth. Pause....
Now that I just finished burying Bob in the Moose parking lot, I digress... I will be walking 60 miles, do you honestly think I want to hop on the metro with my stinky self and trolley it home... seriously people. So then mouse spouse says, "well, I could park at Arlingotn cemetery and we can walk over memorial bridge... again, pause.. mouse spouse now has stars circling his head...

I am all packed with the exception of a toothbrush and hairbrush!
In case any one else is wondering what i can fit in a suitcase
Sleeping bag
pillow (have got to have a pillow)
wash clothes
clothes for two days
extra socks
extra undies
soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant,

Oh never mind, I am to tired to type it all out, and I am actually making myself sick just trying to remember it all.

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