Someone got me thinking...

I am laughing right now, by myself... thinking of when Bryant was a toddler and how much trouble he would get into. He might get mad at me for posting this.. but omg I just have to!

When he was one, we had two cats, he loved those cats, and when it got quiet he was either eating their cat food, or in the cat box.

When he was about ten months old and my mother in law was watching him, she was too lazy to go and get him out of his crib, so he proceeded to paint the walls with his bowels... he did this one other time, mother in law had to clean it up... Karma is a bitch!

He was 3 and a half woke up from his nap and proceeded to make koolaid in my coffee pot.. and eggs in the frying pan, shells included. Once I found him outside in my car trying to drive, my guardian angel was there protecting him. I knew then it was time to move back to San Diego.

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