Yes, it really was one of those weekends.

you know those weekends, the ones that you can remember some of it and then wish you forgot the other parts. Friday was good, did mass amounts of homework then went up to the Lodge, helped M decorate cupcakes for the Tidewater. Stayed alittle too late drinking a few brews. Went home as soon as they called last call, cuz ya know I wanted to be fresh early in the morning when I had to get up. Well early in the morning came and I wasn't as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I wanted to be, plus I was a bit moody. I got to the lodge, and the people from tidewater came, and we served them, cleaned up helped them with Special Olympics, fed them again and entertained them. It was an exhausting day. A day that they all look forward too though so that makes all of the difference in the world. As soon as they got there, they wanted to know what was for lunch and then dinner, they remember us from each year. It is amazing. I love helping out on this event. One man had a seizure smacked his dad in the head and also bit him, but that was the only thing that happened. Oy vay! Saturday night was a blast we all partied to our hard work and I paid for it on Sunday. I think I got up from the couch once, or twice adn snuck to the grocery store hoping that no one would see me!!
Tonight we had a spaghetti dinner at the lodge and the gals and I worked our butts off! We didnt think it would be that busy but it was awesome. We ran out of food quickly, M should haev made more sauce! I think she is done helping for the year, well until Thanksgiving dinner any ways LOL

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