I am rocking in my own semi crazed life

So I got a membership to the gym I rock... right? Of course I can't go tonight since I have meetings tonight for the moose. Tomorrow?? YES!!!

So barring that I might have to exercise, I have to fill up my ipod with awesome heart stomping, blasting my ears out so I can't hear my own shrieks of pain from exercising. What are some of your favorite songs? I used to have this one CD that had the "Move your body" my husband took it with him on cruise and I haven't seen it since. I could rock out to that entire CD, and be left in a pile of sweat on the bottom of the treadmill and yet at the same time I had enough energy to go home and cook dinner.. of course that might have had something to do with the phen phen that I was taking but we wont talk about that will we?? Anyways... I need music like that!

Okay, music done! Of course I have enough work out clothes, since I bought a few pieces for my 3 day walk... and since I refuse to buy anything for myself until I am truly dedicated to working out, 28 days to break or make a habit here people, so of course I am going to work out for the first 28 days with no break and kill myself in the process and of course, never want to go to the gym again. You can so tell I am talking myself out of it. I want to lose enough weight and tone so that I look like a hot chick! A hot chick that can walk down the street and listen to everyone say, "omg there is no way that hot chick looks like she is 40!" Of course the only way I would be able to hear that is if I program it into my headphones.. ahahahah

I have great books, but I need to work hard and there is no way that I am going to take a book with me to the gym.. if I can stand still long enough to read a book, I mind as well cancel my membership and start going to the library every night. Heh.

Well, this busy week is almost half over.

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