I thought that I better right

I didn't want people to think that I fell off the earth or had some bed ridding coma inducing disease. I have just been busy, coming and going, or was that going and coming? I think I have many things straightened out and I am going to write about a few of them in as much humor as I can.

I think that I have finally recovered from the Great 40th birthday celebration. I am definately too old to mix alcohol. I found that out for my birthday week and in case I forgot I repeated it Friday night and was again struck in the head with a searing pain, which of course is worse than labor!

My Halloween this year was the best ever, all of our friends dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters. I was the wicked witch, which was nice, since I wasn't in the mood to smile that day anyways. I think the drinking was catching up to me in the form of hot flashes.

I also had my yearly exam, scheduled my first mammogram. Should be interesting HA! I am also having a few other things done, I am hoping that everything that is wrong with me disappears by Tuesday. I was going to take a picture of me in my gown and post it for pro health. but when I saw the picture, I immediately deleted it. There is something about cell phone pictures that makes me want to gag!

I have also come to realize that I am spending way too much time watching the television, I might not be home when the show is on, but I will reord it and then have to play catch up the entire weekend with my shows. I am going to seriously cut down on my viewing... but there is this new show on AMC called The Village, I am watching it now as I am posting, hopeful that it is good... so far 5 minutes into it, it reminds me of Planet of the Apes. Ten minutes into it, I am reminded of Lost...

I joined Golds Gym, when I know more information in regards to when i am going to go and what I am going to do there, you will be the first to know.

Holidays are coming and I am starting to stress out a bit. I am not on the ball like I usually am. I went to the fabric store today to make santa purses and all of the white faux fur was gone. Lovely. So unless I can pull it out of my ass, I am going to have to wait till next year. Oh well, it was a great idea... a few friends have given me other ideas also and I am going to start creating a few demos and figure out the cost.

I have mush more today, but I need to go read now!

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