Baby it's cold outside

This post was inspired by The McMommy Cronicles

Very cold here in Northern VA. If it is going to be this cold, I want a wood stove, ample amount of wood and snow, lots of it, not having to work is a plus, I can wear the same sweats and sweatshirts and scarves all the time. Perfect then, otherwise I think I am ready for the bitter cold to be gone.

So in the last week during this cold snap I have succumbed to chapped lips, from the wind, many many bottles of moisturizer for my hands that feel like raw sandpaper, if that is even possible, and I have been grazing around the kitchen eating everything in sight. It is not like I am getting ready to hibernate, I will just get up tomorrow and do it again.

I have been scouring the internet for soup recipes and trying to find something yummie.
No matter what time of the day it is, a nice hot steaming shower is going to be forgotten as soon as you swing back the shower curtain, and once your toes touch the floor, you forget the warmth you felt.

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