A boy growing into a man

I have a friend and she is really having a hard time with her daughter and while I am listening to her, I realize how lucky I am to have raised such an amazing man.

B came to visit us at the Lodge last night, since we all were consumed with meetings after meetings and seemed like there was no end to the pain, he came up to visit. He stayed for awhile, and he and I chatted about a few serious things that did not contain his laughter, nor his witty wisecracks. His candor was amazing while speaking to me and he was brutally honest, which was so refreshing and allowed me to see inside his soul and how he actually views the world and the people in it. I was amazed at how grown up he seemed through this conversation.

We finished talking and he was going to leave and hugging everyone, and my friend asked me when he was walking out the door, "arent you worried about him, or sad that he is growing older"? I thought for minute and smiled, "No, I am not sad nor worried" I said, "I know that I did a damn good job raising him and I know he is going to be a wonderful human being, father, and man." I have no worries when it comes to him anymore. He is strong and fiercely independent which will help him get far. He is also very outspoken and outgoing. Of course he can become stupidly humorous and laugh until he has tears in his eyes... but what I saw last night in his eyes and the way he talked will stay in my mind forever.

From this little punk who liked to make you laugh and loved to make faces

To a grown Man who is almost ready to fight for our country, vote and buy cigarettes. Forget that last sentence, he can go and play pro golf and make his mommy millions of dollars LOL

B doesn't like me airing out what we talk about so I did not mention it hear... but I know.

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