Chicken and Dumplings

I made chicken and dumps Monday night.
I used this recipe from Ourbestbites.com and next time I will not add as much milk, and will always add more chicken!

B does not like the dumplings. He doesn't understand old fashioned cooking. He wants to know why you have to have these balls of bread in the soup. He really isn't a big time soup or stew eater either which kills me in the winter time. His favorite soup is Tomato, that should accompany grilled cheese. So go figure. But he did eat some and I made sure that I added an entire rotissere chicken instead of 1 pound this way there was a lot of meat for him to eat. He likes everything seperate and whatever you do, dont tell him the ingredients of a meal. He still has not eaten my spinach dip after watching me make it one day. I never told him it was a healthy meal!

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  1. I made some chicken soup with dumps this week. They were tasty. Who doesn't like dumps?