To go or not to go

I have lived in Virginia about 7 years now, and I still get lost when I go out of my 5 miles radius. When I lived in San Diego and would get lost, getting home would be easy, I would just head West or smell the beach and yummie salt air and follow it home. Eventually I would find a landmark helping with the rest of the way.
Here in Northern VA, there is so much construction going on right now that my landmarks are disappearing. I used to go down this small road through the back of Lorton that would bring me to 123 and my most favorite Starbucks around. Well, I drove down it one day after not being able to get to my favorite barista for awhile, and omg the road CHANGED. I wound up somewhere I never had been before. I called Brian and expressed my concern, while quickly locking my door so the Bunny Man would not attack me. “Hello” says Brian, I say, “you will not believe this but the road has disappeared to fivebucks Starbucks”. He chuckles because he knows how I am driving. He asks the route I took and I told him and I was on the right road… He helps navigate me while I am screaming hysterically because I HAVE to get my coffee, here I am in tears and it is broad daylight and I am screaming at people because it is their fault I am lost. I can only imagine what they saw when they looked in my window. Some crazy idiotic woman screaming to her husband on the phone, yea that’s it!
Once I am finally on 123, I see all of the changes that were made to the road, yes it is gone, and there is now houses where the road stood. I go park next to starbucks and actually wonder to myself if caffeine is really a good idea at the moment. I go in and order my usual at the time (quad grande 3 pump skim white mocha) and start talking to my favorite barista, I have no idea what their name is, whomever is taking my order becomes my favorite. I tell them of my dilemma and they start laughing. Hmm, while I was graphically depicting me screaming hysterically as if the Bunny Man was coming to attack me in broad daylight, they are laughing at my plight. They then tell me that the road has been like that for about 6 months now and then ask where the hell I have been…

I tell him I just got back from a 6 month deployment, grab my coffee and leave. I haven’t been back since.

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