Weekends go by way too fast

Lovely weekend, went by way too fast, but as always was a memorable one. We stayed out way too late on Friday, something that I have not done in a very long time. We got home almost at 3 am, then up early the next day to run amuck around the house then get ready for the "just one more girls" Christmas celebration, everyone picked a name around Thanksgiving and we played secret Santa. It was so much fun! It was a surprise and I for one was trying to figure out who had who, and I am already thinking about next year and how much fun I am going to make it.

We then had a 'would you rather' game and that was hilarious, I never saw so many women flipping sides so many times, but it all was in good fun. We then went to the moose and played in the pool tournment, I went home early thank gosh. Today i worked breakfast at the moose, stayed for maybe 10 minutes, went home took a super hot shower, went to the gym, came home, and vegged out the rest of the day!

Trimph of a weekend, now it is back to work!~

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