It's Already Friday

Like we haven't already been counting down, but since we have been stuck in the house it has seemed to go on forever. I am glad to see the sun and I hope it stays out for awhile and melts this stuff.

I have shoveled enough snow to fill a dump truck. I have baked enough cookies and bread to feed a third world country. In fact, there is a box of goodies on it's way to California. Yes, I understand it is not the same as a third world country but hey it is the thought that counts. The rest that I have not sent away I have been eating every time I pass the kitchen. My workouts are literally going to suck next week!

I just want to thank you all for sending me recipes for snow cream. I haven't tried it and I really don't think I am going to. Knowing me, I would pick the snow that was right on top of or next to the yellow snow. This coming from the girl who used to scrape the freezer ice off of the old time freezers when I was a kid and make slushies. I had to make my own entertainment I guess. At least I didn't share them with any imaginary people like some of you had as children.

Since I have been home most nights, my fingers have been glued to either my TiVo remote or to facebook. I have been playing farmville and am completely addicted to growing vegetables, trees, flowers and milking cows, brushing cats and plucking down feathers out of the ducks. Whew, once I do all that work its time for dinner. I love virtual farming and I believe that it is the way to go.
Anyways, they have this mailbox now that collects Valentines for the holiday. When you collect them the count goes up and you can compare how many Valentines you have with what your neighbors have. As soon as I looked at the comparision I thought of grade school. When Valentines would rolla round and you would pass out valentines to your friends and then you would count them at recess and compare them with other girls and become insanely jealous of other girls who had more than you and they would tell everyone how many they had and skip around the play ground grinning with their cute little red and pink ribbons bouncing with their curls. You would then sneak into the coat closet at lunch time and steal other gals cards, rip the envelopes since they had a name on them and then put them your growing stash. I'm not saying that I did this, but many years I went home with the most Valentines and a smile on my face. I am sure some of you can relate to this. I have no idea where I am going with this... but something says that I wont be getting any Valentines in heaven. Anyways, my point was, as soon as I hit the compare button, my competitiveness comes out along with that evil jealously card and I go around begging all of my farmville friends to send me valentines.. and hurry up about it... LOL

Think about it...

yes, I know I need help, but I can only get so far in the snow.

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