Monday, oh wait it is Tuesday

Do you ever have those days where you do not know whether to scream, cry, laugh or yell? Welcome to my week. I have been tortured by my teenager and trust me this is not fun. Since when are teenagers allowed to be selfish jerks who only think of themselves and never once think about what their parents are going through trying to manage their own lives as well as the teenagers? ASVAB's, senior year, graduation, prom, money, memorabilia, summer, pool, golf, shoes, papers, pencils, high school, getting to school, picking them up, sports, computers, security, college, grades, car, job, friends, work, food, clothes, room and I am sure I am missing about 100 things. We all think about different things and yet they have no clue that we are constantly thinking about them and wondering how they are going to manage without us.

Sometimes I wish they came with a manual. Or a return clause. Or maybe I just wish that they would take a step back and actually realize what we do for them, before they have children of their own.


  1. Anonymous2/16/2010

    Looking forward to grandchildren??, spoil them and send them home. Have a hot toddy and get a good night sleep....The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Tomorrow Thell Be Sun....hope you smiled. Sue B

  2. Anonymous2/17/2010

    I totally feel your pain and mine is only a Junior this year...but still getting her licence, car, prom, yearbook (not to mention use to be $20 when I was in school) is now $95....the list is endless and the sad thing is that they do not know how to appreciate everything that we do for them!

    Good Luck,