Okay, so here it is.. no drooling allowed

My shells recipe. Please do not make these then take pictures and send them to me. I will drool uncontrollably and want more. Unless you are sending me a care package then keep this to yourself.

3 jars of your favorite Ragu, Prego what ever.
add some tomatoes (diced 1 can, and veggies)
add some ground turkey, beef or sausage.
Add some oregano, basil and minced garlic
cook forever ... well about 1-2 hours

Shell mix
1 Quart ricotta cheese (lowfat or regular)
1 Quart small curd low fat cottage cheese
3 eggs
2 cups of mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup of shredded parm
add spinach if you want or mushrooms YUM!

Mix the shell mix together

Put sauce on bottom of pan, then add the cooked shells with the cheese mix. Once you have filled up, add sauce on top, as much as you want, I like a lot of sauce and have come to love mushrooms thanks to Pioneer Women.
Cook 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. When you have about 20 minutes left add some mozz cheese on top an let bake.

If you want to cook it the night before, do not over cook the noodles. Leave them a bit stiff. this way all of the liquid will not harm the noodles.

You can also freeze the filled shells. I did this, put them on wax paper on a cookie sheet, throw them in the freezer until they took shape, then removed them and put in plastic baggies for servings. Once thawed, I would make sure to sauce the top since some of the cheese will lose the moisture. I have two dinners waiting for me in the freezer.

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