Tuesday Toss Up

Such a busy week that it feels like it should be Friday. I am currently watching LOST so I might not make sense or I might just click publish before the time. All depends on what Jacob wants.

I had a funeral to go to today, she was a dear friend and an important part of the Moose Lodge where I belong to. She has done so much for the Chapter and the Lodge, I felt it very important to go. The service was amazing, at times no one said a word and at other times everyone started laughing. She was loved by many and known by more. We then had the wake at the Lodge, and there was more donated food than there were people I think. Everyone told stories and had a great time. It was nice to see young children runing through the lodge and playing the games.

Everyone stayed for a long time and when I left at 7 there were still a lot of people there.
I made myself go to the grocery store while there was still bread and milk there so that I had groceries for the rest of the week. They are calling for 5 inches by morning time so it should be interesting to see how the morning rush hour goes. If it is too bad I am hoping to work from home.

Did you hear? Lost starts tonight, I am watching the recap now, disappointed that it is the last season but understanding that all good things come to an end. Many changes have made LOST different from the original concept, and that makes me sad of all.
8 more minutes!

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