Yes people there is snow outside

Okay people, fox news (local) has been having coverage of the snow all day. I am going to assume that we have all seen snow before. Yes, I believe we have, think this past week, Tuesday that stuff in the sky coming down, is called snow.

We are getting the same stuff now, just in a much larger quantity. I have already been outside shovelling, something I do not like to do but hey I have to suck it up once in awhile. The snow is heavy and the bushes in the front yard are bending over big time. I will take a picture of it tomorrow to show all of you. I am worried about the power lines, if the electric goes out no one is allowed in the freezer and my 30 gallons of milk can go in the snow.

I went to the store twice today, the first time I can thank my son, since he is going to be working all weekend plowing I had to make sure he had food, water, gatorade and clean underware. The second time I have to thank Ourbestbites.com, cuz they had this awesome jalapeno popper dip that looked amazing. Very easy to make and looks even easier to eat. Im going to be fat come Monday.
Everytime I think, write or say Jalapeno, I think of Jose on a steek.

I'm craving bacon. I think it is because it is in the refrigerator just waiting for me to cook it omgbaconbacon!

wow, this is all over the place.

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