a Friday Funny, or an obituary...

A man, or maybe a mouse went for finger surgery today. He got there on time and the procedure went very well. He called me on his way back to work to let me know that while he was in the waiting room he was reading about a hospital in the area, where I will be giving birth to Elvis soon, and they had a special article on my type of 'birthing' process. He read this and exclaimed to me that "I will be up and back to work the next day". After he called me back, since I hung up on him, he said that after two weeks these women were running 2 miles. I was speechless and was thinking very fast on my feet this morning so I came back with, since you had surgery on your ring finger, you can wait till tomorrow and be able to put that wedding ring back on your finger right? He came back, "well I dont think I am going to get anything over this knuckle for a long time". Then I said, Well, looks like I wont be running two miles two weeks after surgery.


Why do the hospitals put this type of literature in their waiting rooms?

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