The Grand Scheme of Things

I am going to Atlantic City tomorrow and I left a "honey-do" list for my man. I expect that when I come back I can start planning to plant my vegetables for the season. I bought the Better Homes and Gardens magazine which has a full spread of what veggies to grow when and how you can recycle the....

Okay enough of the Domestic Goddess, I am going to take enough Allergy medication so I do not sneeze, find myself a good Roulette table, have a 'free' cocktail and gamble. I am hoping that I make enough money to pay off any debt that I am not aware of yet, or that I have been purposely ignoring. If you are my boss and reading this, I am so joking ahAHHHAAHAHA!

We are leaving tomorrow morning, I will get up earlier than I do for work. I am hoping that I have a good time.

Everyone who reads this leave me a number to bet on, if I will I will donate the winnings to a Cancer society benefitting children.

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