No matter how old your children are

You still care for them in ways that can be lethal. You feel the pain that they are going through even if you think that it is a bit dramatic.

You will never forget your first love and how much it hurt when they started ignoring you, already moving on to the next one.

You never forget the long time boyfriend who would do anything for you, yet you didn't feel the same, so you saw someone else and hurt your boyfriend in the process.

You never forget an episode where your trust is betrayed in a marriage and the emptiness you feel when there is no trust.

Hopefully we have learn from our mistakes as well as mistakes that others have included you on. I have met many a friend who complicated my life as well as their own with mistakes. Some of these have costed friendships. This is not something I choose to go through again. I am fourty years old, I choose my friends carefully becuase I do not want drama or mistakes. I understand that what I put myself into can deal the conflicts that will occur. If I want things to be perfect I would be living in a plastic bubble playing facebook games all day.

What do you say, to your 17 yr old son, who is experiencing the worst pain of his life? He thinks that there will never be another, or that the emptiness will never go away.

to be continued...

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  1. The son3/04/2010

    lol trapped in a bubble playing facebook... you do that regardless hahahaha, and Mom... im never letting go... i just hope you can accept it though... i have things invested into her that i dont care... what has happened i think it may be able to work... just thought id let you know