Spring has Sprung

As most of us in Northern Virginia, the time has come. The time to clean out our cars, because now that we can have our windows down, we dont want anything flying out of the car and assulting anyone. We start seeing people outside the house with other things than snow shovels in their hands. Everyone, and I mean everyone has a smile on their faces. On the way to the grocery store you see hundreds of cars outside of Home Depot, making the yearly bulb and soil trek. I by the way, am doing that next weekend. I am looking forward to this, but I do not think my nails are.

The spring cleaning around the house has also begun. I have some plans as to what I am cleaning before I am home for a few weeks on medical leave and I do not want to see a single dust bunny under the bed, tables or hanging out procreating with the spiders in the corner or on top of the cabinets.

I plan on putting everyone to work, doing something, while I read my latest novel and relax watching television harvesting my crops and eating bon bons, if such a life exists.

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