Today I am

curious about: What my son is going to do with his life.
thankful for: my family and friends and how they can put up with me at times amazes even me!
angry about:
questioning: My pay and wondering if a Master's is really going to help to achieve the amount of money I want.
excited about: Taking a summer Photography class.
happy that: It is almost summer. I love the snow and seasons but some hot sun wouold be lovely right now.
looking for: My golf glove
hurting for: Answers to all of my questions/
wishing: I could do one sport really really well, instead of 10 sports semi good. I do not like half assed attempts and sometimes it looks like that is what I am doing.
thinking about: What pictures that I want to take to my crop for scrapbooking
wondering: How much pain I am going to be in tonight.
wanting: A real relationship. Are they even out there anymore?
needing: A new hobby that doesn't require crap all over a room or the house.
frustrated that: I can't budget worth poop
enjoying: The sun that is outside right now
interested in: Learning more about Boston's culture in the turn of the century
learning about: Life, everyday it is something different.
hoping: That when I am 50 I look like i do today, minus a few pounds
anxious about: My surgery, but not too much stress yet. I'm just worried that I wont recover as fast as I want. I know I say I would love to lay around the house for days, but in reality I really want to work and do things around the house.
reading: Stephen King's Under the Dome and Lovely Bones
researching: my geneolgy
planning: My Green Cap celebration
laughing at: Myself for walking out of the house this morning without my laptop and badge for work.
looking forward to: Fridays, and Hopewell Pool Tournament

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