5 bucks down the drain

Today I watched New Moon, which for those of you who have no idea about the epidemic of young teen girls wanting their necks sucked or older woman who are having teen dreams of a young Edward, it is the second movie made from a book in the Twilight series.

Now this movie was not as cheesy as the first, except for the part when the menacing werewolf comes out of the forest and it is growling, but looks like a large fake wolf that is on wheels. With a movie like Avatar having such spectacular effects, it makes me wonder why New Moon did not follow suit. Anyways, the young bella drifts around without Edward, he moves away after his crazy brother, who only utters 2 lines throughout the entire movie, tried to make a move on Bella after she endures a paper cut at her birthday party. I guess that the blood was too much to take, maybe he needs to eat a sandwich.
Bella, who is unable to move from the couch is mourning that Ed is gone, still looks thin as ever. She goes and does stupid things, which brings Edward the ghost to her side, to tell her to be a good girl and go home and eat a sandwich. She makes friend with a hot indian dude named Jacob, same guy from the first movie, but this time he has muscles so when looking at him and having lustful thoughts you dont feel as purvy as you did in the first movie. He helps her build a motorcycle and then he falls in love with her, turns into a wolf and blah blah. Bells then jumps off a cliff, thinking that she needs to see Eddie boy again, and she hits her head and is left for dead... Jacob the wolf of course rescues her, warms her up and makes her eat a sammich. Eddie's sister Alice is waiting for Bells at the house, cuz of course Alice can see the future and she thinks Bella is dead, Eddie finds out and wants to die. Bella then rescues him but not before promising to become a vamp within a certain length of time. Then they all go home and live happily ever after. Well, after Bella's dad yelled at her for leaving again. Then she had to choose between the pale vampire and the stinky dog smelling werewolf. She choose the pale vampire. I just think that she likes the fact that she can live forever and stay skinny and not have to make/eat sandwiches all of the time.

Okay, the cheesy times were when she was sleeping and would start screaming and her dad would have to come in and wake her up... if this has been going on for months at a time, dont you think as a father you should go get her some sleeping drugs that the kids on Elm Street used so they didn't dream of Freddy?

Oh well, can't wait till the next movie... or can I?

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