Very productive weekend

I have been busy busy!
Friday I was able to get some stuff done around the house. I have been making a list of things that I want to get done before I give birth to my uterus, because if I am home and see the things that I wanted to clean, then I will be doing it then, and that is not allowed.

I got the stove clean, bought new kitchen towels and cloths. Table mats also, all green. a light green. I have cleaned the entire stove and am waiting for a good day to leave the windows open so I can do the oven. I also need to buy gloves for this.
Interesting post isn't it.

I am down to one fish in the tank. I have been debating on what to do with him. He is so lonely but I will not buy any more fish until this tank is cleaned out and all good to go. Is a sight to see.

I want to strip the banister and refinish it. There is about ten years worth of gunk on them and I would love to see the actual color of the banister.

I was looking at those tosy turvy plants and decided against it... I would have to put a hole in my deck to hang dowstairs and there isn't that much sun there, so I am going to make the full garden. Tomatos, cukes, Zuchinni and beans. I would like to do some peppers too but we aren't really the pepper eating fools we pretend that we are.

I was checking out new grills. I plan to be outside everyday and want to cook on the grill if at all possible. Meaning its going to be hot as hell and I am not turning on my oven or stove if I dont have to.

what else?

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