Bagels, bread and more bagels

Whenever I go 100 miles around San Diego I will drive there, to Ocean Beach to visit P L Bagel. This awesome bagel shop in on Voltaire street and is a family owned place, hole in the wall actually, and they have the best bagels. The bagels are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Best thing is that they have mini bagels. My favorite is the sesame mini bagels, which you can get 12 of them for like 5 bucks. I can drive around, dipping the mini bagel in the cream cheese, I can only imagine what it would taste like on a toasted bagel

Then there is the homemade cream cheese. I finally scoured the internet and found a close recipe for the garlic, bacon and basil cream cheese that was the most intense taste in your most that was housed with bread. You take one taste of this cream cheese, and your tastebuds explode.

I am going to make these this weekend. I am going to put some bacon crispy of course in the food processor, grind till fine, then add some garlic and also some fresh basil.

I wish I could find a good bagel place. Right now my favorite is Safeway grocery. They make the best Sesame bagel!

Next week, the best coffee I have ever had!!

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