Good Bye Elvis

I am home, and under a lot of pain medication.

The surgery went very well and they did find some more endrometrious. (sp).
I already feel better knowing that I wont have to wear black pants for 3 weeks out of the month.
I already feel better knowing that I will not be rolling on the ground trying to breath my way out of the cramps.

The hospital stay was interesting, I had some of the weirdest nurses I have ever met. One of them came in at 3 in the morning for my pain meds and brought up a chair and started talking to me. They had my in the OB/GYN area where all of the cute newborns are, and many of the nurses are older and not educated in the laproscopy procedures. They could not believe that I had a hysterectomy and was already walking around and really not needing pain meds, but I took them so my body could rest. They asked all sorts of questions like my favorite was, "did they just suck it through your belly button?" I wanted to ask "when did you graduate from nursing school? It was good though, they took really good care of me, and I had my own room. I got to drink all of the water and ice chips I wanted and the beef broth was not one of my favorites. LOL.

I am going to sleep now, more tomorrow.

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