I am cured.... maybe

Okay so after yesterday I knew I had to go back on the porch and take care of the plants that I bought yesterday. I was going to conquer my fear of the bees and wasps. I walked out on the deck and of course the dog was no where to be found and not wanting to come out with me. I felt bad for her and stopped by the bakery and got her some doggie cookies. I dont want her to tell her daddy how mean I was to her LOL.
So I went outside... and I just kept my eyes on the task at hand, since I was alarmed but the condition of some of the plants and needed to transplant them right now. I took care of that, while listening to the wonderful noise of the bees buzzing by and the bumbles I didn't even pay attention too....

Who am I kidding?

I lasted 5 minutes, when I heard the bee buzz, I threw the soil in the air, grabbed my plants while keeping my mouth shut, ran in the house, dropped the plants and ran to the corner laid in the fetal position and cried.
Daisy walked past me as if to say, "told you so", then she did a nervous twitch and brought me a chew toy.

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