Quantico Golf Course

If you are ever in the area I can honestly say that if you golf you must go to Quantico golf course. The day was amazing. We left the Franconia Moose Lodge around 9 am and it was chilly and windy. Most of the golfers wore pants, I think there was only one person who wore shorts, and I wore capri's. I was worried becuase it was very cold and windy, and I was thinking that I picked the wrong outfit to wear.

Once we got there and started moving around I warmed up. The view is spectacular and each hole was amazing in itself. There were so many trees, to watch, the creek was moving since the recent rains and it was beautiful. I hit myself in the head many times for forgetting my camera. The day warmed up and I was glad that I did not wear pants or a long sleeved shirt. The day ended with an awesome sandwich from the club house. A pepper jack chicken with bacon sammich! It was great. A few drinks later, we headed back to the moose to celebrate a glorious day!

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