Wordless Wednesday not today!

So before I went under the knife I made a trip to Costco to pick up some snacks, yogurt and food. I saw this:

Now I love to make pancakes and I love to eat them. I mixed whatever I can and usually add an egg for some fluffiness. I have been known to put vanilla extract, blueberries, maple extract, strawberries and other stuff in the house to the mix, stir cook and eat! I found this HUGe bag of pancake mix at Costco, and it was only 6 bucks so guess what? I bought it. The entire bag will make 224 pancakes. I am thinking that it is going to be around for a long time, since I only will make pancakes once every two weeks maybe. Now that I have this huge bag of mix I was thinking of making batter and cook breakfast for the family in the morning. This would mean that I have to get up in the morning and actually roll out of bed and make them!

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