Another first date

After the first disaster date, names “stink date” I went back online that night and took off my profile. Who am I kidding? I thought to myself. I figured every single dude on that site is going to warrant the same looks and smells. After reliving the “stink date” I thought maybe he just smelled cuz he had to work that day, and maybe he lost his fake tooth in the ocean… I stopped pondering after awhile and went to a bar with friends down by the beach. I loved the walk I took to the bar, it was very refreshing and over a 2 mile walk. I figured it could help with the beer I will be drinking, only sad note there was that I would have to walk home. In Ocean Beach though, it was safe to walk home as long as you went a certain way and I would always stop at Roberto’s for my favorite rolled tacos.

I got to the bar and met up with a few friends, got a beverage and settled down to watch the Padres on their way to the World Series. There were still a few months to go, but with all of the good looks and muscle on the team, it was only a matter of time. While I was sitting down I noticed a really cute guy, looked like he had 70’s hair though, but it was thick and full. Brown hair, blue eyes and very very tall. He smiled and I sat down with friends watching the game. I only mention this guy because after going to the bar a few Friday’s I noticed he was always there, and sat in the same spot. Never with another girl, and of course later on I figured out why. We started talking, and talking some more. He lived nearby and so of course one night I decided to check out his place, I already knew it would be small since it was so close to the beach. Went to his house, it was clean and very organized. Then he tells me it is his ex wife’s house. Lovely, I thought, I wonder why he is still living here. I didn’t want to pry so I just kept my mouth shut for the time being. We started watching tv, and he then TOOK OFF HIS SHOES.

What is it with me and stinky people? His feet stunk so bad that by the time I left, I could smell the smell all the way home. How did I manage to get out of the house without the infamous ‘sexual relations’? I snuck out after he fell asleep on the couch, passed out whatever, I booked it out of the house!
I couldn’t even stop for my favorite all time tacos. I went straight home and showered.
Do you think I learned my lesson the first time… umm no!
This went on for awhile, since I HAD to go to the bar and visit my friends and have some tie to myself. Finally I said no more, and didn’t go back to the bar. Well, this guy (I don’t even remember his name but I remember the smell) kept calling the house. I had a separate phone line with an answering machine, since of course I was so important and I didn’t want to miss a call from any of these rejects that I have been dating. He would leave these messages on there, and omg they were hilarious, about how he misses me, and how he wants to see me, and wanted to know what he did wrong, and where I was hanging out blah blah. My mother would listen to these as he was leaving them and she would be cracking up. We finally named him ‘cling freak’. Since stink date was already taken.
I never really ran into him again. There was a few times I was down there with my now spouse hoping that I would not run into him. I could only imagine how that would be, since of course I didn’t remember his name, but I knew of his stinky feet.

It was then that I decided to go back to the online dating.

All of this is leading to a very happy ending!!

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