a cat is a CAT

So of course I have this cat....

He of course has grown since this photo, but he is my cat.

He is FAT, at a year old his length is over 4 feet. He cannot jump long distances or stare at things until they melt, but he does have:

wait for it... SPIDER POWER

I used to think that he would sleep in the basement cuz it was cool, and he had this perch on top of the recliner. He stopped sleeping with me, and retreated to the basement. I did take this personally for awhile, then I got over it. He would then sleep all day and I thought something was wrong with him cuz he slept


While he is in the basement, perched on top of the recliner... he is hunting things. BIG things. Things mommie does not like. Spider crickets are the worst. When you are getting ready to run they jump at you. You scream and shoo it off, only to have it fall to the ground and jump all over the place like they are blind again. Oh and forget the things that fly faster than I walk. FORGETTT IT!

So anyways, he the almighty cricket hunter, catches these horrible creatures, and bats them around the room, holds them down till their cricket legs fall off one at a time... (I should have named him Hannibal or Red John) . He will also position himself in front of the laundry room door, waiting for something to move underneath it. I do not want to know what he catches as long as it is gone.

I can tell when he has had a good night when I go downstairs and there are legs all over the place. I guess that they are not as tasty as the body.


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