I spent over 100 hours being LOST

So, was it worth it? I can't really answer that question as of right now. Many people have their own interpretations of the episode, and mine matches a few of them, but I still do not feel as held on to it, as I did for example with Grey's Anatomy.
I know that everyone was looking for their own closure to their death before they could move on. I understand that you could look at the from a one person pov (Jake) and his journey to the end. The episodes where they were not on the island are not at the same time of the island, because of what Hurley told Ben, "you were a great number 1" so obviously they have had their time on the island and it was a long time since they had that bond. So Ben finally got his redemption and had something worth living for (the island). That was kind of sad. I wasn't sure why Ben wasn't ready to move on, maybe he didn't want too because he found exactly what he wanted to do with his life on the island. Or maybe he wasn't going to the same place, although Sayid killed just as many people I am sure as Ben did, they both had redemption and Sayid was there but Ben was not ready...

The things on the island did happen.
There was a Dharma Initiative
There were Others
There was a battle between good and evil.
I wonder why Jacob was not in the church?

People asked why Micheal and Walt were not in the church, if I remember correctly Micheal was still trapped on the island whispering silly voices since he was still trapped there by what he did.
And of course people like Ana Lucia, weren't ready to move on were still trapped in that sideways travel of sorts.

I think that it just ended. No fan faire, no "OMG, "holy COW!!! So that was what that was" comments, sitting on the edge of your seat. I was bored, I fell asleep a few times.

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