Love you more than a mouse loves cheese

So you all know that I could not have animals because of the pet deposit, I stole a kitten and had to return her.
That scarred me more emotionally than it did the cat, since of course the cat went back to sleeping in a nice warm bed and drinking milk.

So, back to the drawing board.

I didn't get an allowance so I was very creative on how to could score an extra dollar or so. Sometimes I would buy nickel candy at 7-11, or 5 candy bars at the local liquor store. Sometimes though, I would walk to Gemco, there was a pet store behind it, and I would go into the pet store.
I saw mice
I saw fish
It was very humid in there from the fish tanks. I remember the smell.
I havent had a fish as a pet since then...
I saw fish for a dollar and I saw mice for a dollar.
I ran to the mice
which of course were breed to be eaten by snakes and other retiles, but all I saw was the
calling to me, please buy me and give me a home...
I bought the mouse, it was $1.07.
I think he gave me a box for the mouse.
I don't remember walking home with the mouse...
But I do remember the next night, my mother screaming and standing on a chair because there was a mouse in the house.
Oh Holy Crap I thought.
Do I pretend to freak out, or do I come clean?
Well, coming clean in those days meant a hefty whipping and being grounded in my room for weeks at a time... with no tv, no phone no personal interaction.. and I wonder why I am so weird now...
I pretended to freak out... the mouse was running around the kitchen, the entire time i was in that kitchen I was trying to figure out how it got out of my room and just for giggles, I had to look and make sure that

well, after all of that commotion my mother's boyfriend caught the mouse and took it out to the field behind the apartments.

Project Mouse

So of course, I had another dollar hanging around and so of course, I buy another mouse. I kept the mouse in a non cardboard container. That was my epic fail last time, so I had another box that I bored holes into it with a pen. And of course for some reason I cannot figure out how I got the thing home and how I got it into my room.

And of course

It escaped. Mom is on the chair again, while calling the management company, and looking at the classifieds for a new place to move into, since of course you know I did not open my mouth and tell her that was my mouse, as well as the first one. OMG I would not have been able to move for a week.
I don't know if I ever did come clean to my mom. I am sure that she knew something was up. I didn't buy another mouse after that, I just dont think that my mom could have handled the pressure, nor do I think that the chair my mother would stand on could handle the pressure either. I was a precious child, and this is proof of it I am sure.

But I finally did get a pet. Not Sammy the fish, but a calico cat, whom I named Keylow, and she was my baby. I was like Lenny from Mice and Men, I loved her and fed her and called her my own. I didn't squeeze her either. When I ran away from home later on in life, I would take her with me to school and she would just hang out in my back pack all day, knowing that I would take care of her. I have no idea why she didn't run away or why she didnt mess in my backpack. I was cool for a day though.

I am surprised agency's allow me to have animals now.

Of course I have not told the story of me having 16 cats and kittens when my first husband went off to the Gulf War. Since there was no internet, no cell phones and no up to date news, I had to wait for letters and then write back and wait the two weeks for the letters to get there. I needed something to do wit my time, and so I got a cat. Well, that cat wound up having babies. I was looking for another apartment at the time, and a lady said that someone dropped a cat and her litter in the laundry room, so what do I do?? OMG I didn't walk away..

I found homes for every single cat, got the momma cat fixed since she refused to stay inside the house.
I guess you can call that nesting.
And for some reason God didn't think I was ready for a baby?

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