This week has been a killer

And it is only Tuesday.

It is all my fault though, that I have to admit.
I started back to work Monday, working from home and I have been very lucky to be working from home. If I would have known how busy this week would be, I would have stayed home this week also LOL.
All of this business I speak of is due to the primetime TELEVISION!
Monday I had to wait till work was over, run to the grocery, JC penny's to check out furniture, then to Lazy boy for of course the same reason.
Monday was Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. I had to record One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. I usually could catch the reruns but of course we all know it is season finale week, and
The Smoke Monster just got Richard!
After all of the regular shows, I watched the recorded shows thereby not going to bed till midnight.
As you can tell I am trying to multi task....
So today is Tuesday
as soon as work was over I went to buy my couch (which has a recliner in it) and then did some other errands. Today my back hurt more than anything from sitting in a chair all day and my stomach wasnt feeling too well either.
So then tonights drama's NCIS, 92120, and omg LOST

LOST better not let me down.
So tomorrow I think nothing is on tv
Law and Order and Criminal Minds is on. Oh the woo I face. I think I have to go to the grocery tomorrow.
OMG I question why did Ben just kill Whitmore?????
Ben, you never cease to amaze me!
Oh dear lard, Ben went back to the dark side.

okay so then Thursday I have Grey's Anatomy, and The Mentalist. I am going to a meeting at weight watchers at 6:30 and hopefully I wil have lost my goal weight. Then I can party like a rock star in front of the television.

Oh Jacob is going to tell them everything...

LOL the Toy Story movie looks hilarious!!!!

Okay so now I have to listen to Moose gossip, I dont go up there so I dont hear it but I hear it anyways!

I am a sorry soul, watching television all week long, but while I was home I got addicted to the tv and primetime. OMG I actually admitted that I watch Gossip Girl and 92120.
Send intervention, as well as some fat free popcorn and parm cheese please.

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