Yes, you can freeze broccoli

Wow, Monday morning rolls around and the bunch of banana's I bought were already turning brown. Ugh! I refused to throw away food as one of my goals for this year, so I looked online about freezing banana's and I took each banana, cut them, and put them in individual sandwhich baggies, and then put all of the baggies into a larger one. This will be the perfect way to make my smoothies in the morning and it will be much colder. I then thought well I am going to also freeze the strawberries, but how can I freeze them without them sticking/clumping together. I put some wax paper on a cookie sheet, cleaned and cut the strawberries and then laid them on the cookie sheet. I then put the cookie sheet in the freezer until they were frozen and threw them all in a large ziploc bag. This way I can just take out what I need and not have to deal with clumpy strawberries, which would wreck my blender!
I then saw the large bag of broccoli in my fridge, and thought there has got to be a way. So then I researched online and tried the following: I made fresh cuts to the broccoli spears that I wanted to freeze. I then put those florets into a pot of boiling salt water, and let them boil for about 4 minutes. I then rinsed them in an ice bath, and proceeded to do the same as the strawberries. Laid the florets on a cookie sheet with wax paper, and once frozen they were put into a ziploc bag. This way I can take out exactly how much I want to cook.

I am amazing!

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  1. Truly amazing!

    I freeze bananas in the skin. They are a little funky when you thaw them, but it works well for banana bread!