They are all Fame Whores!!!!!

Can you believe it? Jake and Vienna. Who knew that I could watch trashy TV. I mean I have enough of my problems to have to watch other people’s fake problems.

In conclusion I have come up with the following:
They both are fame whores
They both have issues that cannot even start to be defined in 60 minutes of bad television.
They both think that the other has undermined, and emotional abused the other.
Jake is definitely swimming on the gayness side and does not want to admit it. I think he loves women, but cannot be in a long term committed sexual relationship with a woman.
I am glad that Jake picked Vienna to wreak havoc on, because I do not think Tinley would have been able to handle it so well, and go to the tabloids before Jake could and spread fame whore rumors about Jake.
I think that the only one who gained the most from all of this is the dog, since the dog has gotten the most frequent flyer miles.

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