I have some word today

I have had a boring non eventful summer so far and have nothing funny to write about.

I could write about the woman who really needs to start wearing a shirt at the Moose. I can’t talk about it anymore, because every time I think of her, I want to throw up a little bit in my mouth.

That’s lovely

I could write about my dysfunctional home life right now, Bryant is all upset because he is learning that even though you did the right thing, you are going to get screwed. I get to hear it from both sides, and I am about ready to tell the both of them that I can leave, it’s not like I haven’t done it before. This time I am not taking anyone with me.

I could tell you how exciting my classes are going, that I am rocking with the GPA, but things on that front are slow. My enrollment counselor thinks that he can call me at all hours of the day and have a 20 minute conversation with me. I know you are bored dude. He knows more about my life than my husband. Although, every since I faxed him a copy of my passport, he hasn’t called back. I feel like I am online dating again LOL. I did however send him a copy of my not needed driver’s license so that he knew I really did not look like the passport picture. It is really bad.

I could tell you about the awesome meatball sub I had last night, but then I will just be hungry.

I could take a picture for Wordless Wednesday, but then hence the title I would not be able to write anything.

I need some focus and writing ideas. I have had some much time go into the growing chapters of a book I am writing that my creative thinking has greatly diminished.

A lot of me, and there is a lot, has been thinking what I am going to do with myself when B moves out, goes on with his life and starts one on his own. I am no longer going to be needed, well until he has grandkids anyways and even though I enjoy the idea, I am not in any hurry to have the house smelling like dirty diapers and babies crawling amuck.
I have thought about becoming that mother in the book, I Love You Forever, and following my son where ever he goes, crawl into his bedroom window and rock him like a baby. Now, while reading that as a young mother, yes I would cry, but then I would start freaking out because that mother was a stalker. She followed him everywhere. Rocked him, sang to him. Something is wrong with this picture. I did not want to obligate myself to having to climb on a ladder to soothe him. Also, where was the wife in this picture, shouldn’t she be a little bit upset over her mother in law climbing through a window into their bedroom??

And with that I leave you for I must work!

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