Kids and manners

So there was a picnic this past weekend. The children were awesome and the parents were so nice and grateful and even helped out with the events. But of course one child can ruin the entire day. Now you have to remember I take things personally and I look for people's reaction when I am doing something. I like to do a good job and do it well. I spend time, make diagrams and set up the event 4 hours prior so I can work out the kinks. That is how I am.

I care

So I was working my butt off, talking to the children, taking pictures, making sure that they all were having a good time, all the while this one child would follow me and berate the games, complain that his cotton candy wasn't large enough, expect people to wait on him hand and foot and intentionally LIED in order to get a cream soda. I knew he lied, and was not going to prove it to anyone, but I wanted to take that child and just tear him to sherds and make him cry!

I dont feel like that often.

I loved the children who came. The little girl who got her face painted like a dog, never stopped smiling, the boy who wanted to take off his shirt and jump in the pool that was holding the duck game. The boy who continued to bounce in the moon bounce after it was closed. I had fun looking at the event through their eyes.

Sometimes I wish I had more children.

I get over that quickly.

I love children.

I dispise when children are mean, and moody and have to have something to complain about. I actually did tell the one problem child that, he should be careful because if he complains about everything now, then he wont have anything to complain about when he gets older.

If looks could kill.

Someone needs a time out and it is not me.

The day went spectacular and I cannot wait to do it again.

The drink .. or rather drinks afterwards made me sleep like baby.

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