There's a vug in our flue?

I was sleeping nicely on the couch last night and all of a sudden the hub came running down stairs looking out the basement window, alerting me that he is not going to kill or look for the thing that is in our chimney. I rub my eyes and look at him to make sure he isn’t walking in his sleep as he then tells me that there is either a huge monster in the chimney or that Cheryl’s house is on fire.

That’s lovely

Then he wants me to follow him upstairs so I can hear the sound..


Though, I did follow him upstairs since curiosity got the best of me, and plus once I started thinking about it, the fireplace is like right there, and I don’t want something to start banging on the door, and I don’t care how many of you say that it’s ok as long as the flue is closed… if that thing can get through the trap on the roof, then it can slither right through the flue, oh hell, it could probably open it himself.

I get upstairs and sit on the bed, waiting to hear the noise… nothing… no noise.. so then the hub thinks that I think that he is crazy. I go into the other room and lay down, while my imagination starts going a mile a minute and I refuse to stare into the full length mirror on the wall, thinking something is going to grab me.
Yes I have issues, leave me alone.
I’m laying there, almost asleep when the hub says, “Jess.. come here…”
Yea right…
I say
“No way, I’m scared!”
I continue to lay there, and of course that damn curiosity gets me again, and I go into the room, sit on the bed and listen…
And listen
I hear it…
It sounds like the crackling of fire while something with long nails is rubbing up along the house siding…
I don’t move…
It doesn’t make a sound like a screech, or a bird noise, so I have no idea what it could be and I wanted to put my ear along the wall so I could hear it better but I was certain it would take that time to throw itself at the wall, break through the wall and start flying at me.
This was 4 am
I went back to sleep around 5 am
I slept soundly..
I wasn’t in the same room as the monster…
The hub didn’t get any sleep.

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